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Russet Turbine Runner

Traditional Persian Oriental Wool Antique Rug 7x3 ft Carpet 233cm x 101cm

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So, what's
Unique and hardwearing Abadeh area rugs come in bold reds and blues with a unique design called Heybatlu.
Abadeh or Abadah is a town in southern Persia, with many ancient castles. Along with carpet weaving, sesame oil and castor oil are produced in this fertile region.

Featured design: The Heybatlu design consists of a single large diamond medallion at center field with four smaller medallions at each corner.
Smooth textured wool with a thin pile; a cotton foundation.
Colors: Bright and light reds, dark blue, bright greens and ivory and white.

Patterns: A wide range from geometric patterns to birds, animals and florals.